We provide home lending and convenient personal loans for individuals with poor credit. We are the #1 lender for non-conforming and low down payment mortgages on the internet.

Bad Credit Loans, high risk personal loans and poor credit home loans from a lender with great customer service and flexible loan terms to fit your budget. Our home loan specialists are ready to assist you, whether you seek a new loan for a home purchase or refinancing to get cash out, lower your interest rate or monthly payments. We provide a short online application for our customers and we specialize in getting applicants approved quickly and deliver the money that is needed.

Get free mortgage refinancing quotes and compare loan offers and products for mortgages and home equity loans. Even if you have a bad credit history, a recent bankruptcy or judgements against you, we can still find a home loan that will work for you. Over time by paying reliably and reducing your debt load you can improve your credit score and get better terms for your lending needs. Receive up to six free quotes just by filling out one, short 60-second loan application.

We have a longstanding relationship with top lenders, bankers, HUD, FHA and loan officers that work in the mortgage lending industry. We are a recognized leader in home loans and are well known for our competitive loan rates and efficient lending process. Request a home loan and receive competing quotes from multiple poor credit lenders. Make sure you do not overpay for your financing.

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Bad Credit Lender providing mortgage broker services for thousands of homeowners. We are proud to be one of the nation's highest-rated independent lenders.

The lower monthly payments make it much easier to get approved for an adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) and typically you can borrower higher amounts. This is a good alternative to fixed rate mortgage products.

We also offer poor credit personal loans and payday lending services for fast and easy financial solutions. Get the funding and fast financing that you need to cover all of your short term living expenses.

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